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Jiří Bureš for "Burn or burn out? I've been a private banker!"

He had what every graduate wanted when he joined the bank. He managed a team of private bankers in one of the largest Czech banks, reached a professional peak, decided on big money and met the richest people.

How do you live on top? And how do you leave it?

We asked Jiří Bureš, a manager who had spent many years at the top of the bank, about his feelings about the big world of money.

"I have dedicated most of my professional life to the bank. I learned a lot, but I also gave a lot. Life at the bank is largely about tedious meetings, sales plans, spreadsheets, reports and constant stress. You wait in vain for a sincere human understanding or appreciation. You are part of a large gear that rotates with you. One day you begin to wonder if this is the life you dreamed of. I met many rich clients and I increasingly realized that I could only partially meet their needs with banking products. One needs to feel that he is doing the best he can, and when you start looking around, you will find that the world of finance is far from just a bank. Clients can better manage their assets behind the bank's walls. There are a number of quality exclusive products on the market that banks do not offer for various reasons, and I can. You then enjoy the work completely differently," describes Jiří.

Stand on your own two feet

You have made an important life decision. You stood on your own two feet and started building your own business. Why?

"Paradoxically, the bank itself helped me, which started moving with people and positions, and suddenly I didn't have a chair left in the game. Looking back, they couldn't have done a better service for me. I was lucky to find quality partners and facilities after leaving the bank. Now I do what I enjoyed most in the bank - I take care of money and property for rich clients, only freely," adds Jiří.

The family budget managed it

How did the family react to the changes? Going from a well-paid place to a business must have been costly.

"My wife is excited, I finally have time for our daughters and in K and Partners a.s. they gave me such a monthly income that it did not affect the family budget. In addition, compared to the bank, I can achieve many times higher incomes. I have the financial security of an employee, but the freedom of an entrepreneur. I also enjoy the fact that, thanks to good relationships with clients, I build the value of my business, which I can one day pass on in the same way as doctors or lawyers in my practice. By the way, this example also fits well in relation to clients. Abroad, the richest clients have a family doctor, a lawyer, and someone who takes care of their family property. And this is not possible without independence. In our country, it is also becoming part of the financial world and I am glad to be there," says Jiří Bureš.


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